Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sustainable May Day Baskets

It's nearly May Day! Can you believe the year has gone so quickly already? This year change up your May Day basket by making it sustainable! There are lots of fun ways to do this!

Reuse for your Basket
Even the basket itself can be sustainable! Weave a basket out of old news paper or use an old tin can, both are a great way to reuse and still have some fun! Check out this tutorial to weave a newspaper basket!

Give the Gift of a Garden
What better way to incorporate a sustainable theme than to give the gift of growth? Either buy some potted flower or plants, rather than the traditional cut ones, or give seeds. We love this plantable paper as a seed gifting idea! 

Find an Upcycled Gift
Ever since sites like Etsy started popping up it's never been easier to find upcycled gifts. Give a fork ring or a bracelet made from old tires, it's a gift nobody will soon forget!

Go Homemade With Treats
Rather than sticking tons of wasteful wrapped candies in your basket, try a homemade good instead. Cookies, banana bread, and muffins all make great May Day goodies! 

Do you have any other ideas to make your May Day basket a little more green? Be sure to share in the comments!

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